Energy objective


The "MINERAL ENERGY BOOSTER" programmes are ideal for those who want to regain lost energy and recharge their bodies through the supply of minerals and marine trace elements. A re-power from the most powerful of elements, the sea!

The Wellness


Browse through all the programmes with the Energy objective and choose the one best suited to your needs.
2 Nights Package

Mineral Energy Booster

2-night programme with 6 treatments
3 Nights Package

Mineral Energy Booster

3-night programme with 10 treatments
6 Nights Package

Mineral Energy Booster

Programme of 6 nights and 11 treatments
Three programmes

3 different goals

Choose yours and experience a wellness programme that lives up to your expectations.

Need to regain serenity?


Do you want to eliminate toxins and get back into shape?


Do you want to regain energy and vitality?




In this section you will be able to find the offer that suits you best: select your favourite and let yourself be enveloped in the attentions of the Cosmopolitan Hotels Group.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Day spa | Thalasso green

Ever greener with our day spa offers
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Day spa | Talasso & romantic dinner

Magic, caves and candles. You only think about love - we've already taken care of the rest.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Bachelorette party

Come and celebrate with us, spend a day of relaxation and pampering with your best friends. You will find different proposals to go with the thalassotherapy and relaxation route, from cocktails for a toast to dinner.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Pampering & Relaxation

Sometimes you just have to let go of small emotions to discover the beauty of living in harmony. Let yourself live
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Let us learn a new concept of hospitality: one that involves greater respect for the land and the planet. Climate change is an extremely important and urgent topic. We are experiencing a real emergency and everyone should contribute what they can to get out of it.