The Etruscan Coast offers many cultural and natural treasures. Castagneto Carducci is one of the best known villages on the coast. The village is perched on a hill about 10 km from the sea and develops around the historic medieval castle.



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The Tuscan territory in general, but especially that which surrounds us, is a cradle of unique flavours and experiences that it is unthinkable not to enjoy. This is demonstrated by the Supertuscans, the great red wines that have been able to distance themselves from the tradition of wine culture and create something extremely fine.
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The Tombolo Talasso Resort is located by the sea, a position that makes it particularly suitable for water sports such as diving, sport fishing, surfing and sailing.
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Art and Culture

The four great cities that have made Tuscany a jewel in the world, Florence, Siena, Lucca and Pisa, are a unique heritage just a short distance from the coast.
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More than 20% of the Etruscan Coast's territory is covered by parks, protected areas and nature oases, including the WWF Oasis of Bolgheri, the Magona Park, the Livorno Hills Park, the Rimigliano Park flora and fauna oasis, the Orti-Bottagone oasis and the Sterpaia and Montioni Parks.
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Medieval Villages

Castagneto Carducci is among the best known villages on the Etruscan Coast. Perched on a hill less than 10 km from the sea, Castagneto is developed around the imposing medieval castle located at the highest point of the village.


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