Day Spa

Day Spa

Treat yourself to a day of total relaxation in our unique and precious Spa, which uses the benefits of sea water to give you well-being. Finnish sauna, steam bath (hammam), aromatic showers are just some of the treatments available to you.



Thalassotherapy is the hallmark that has enabled us to become one of the best-equipped and most popular centres in Italy, having won several awards for many years running.


At 32°, it is designed to perform a myorelaxant and antalgic action in seawater, ideal for an excellent initial preparation for the course. The blowers perform a draining action. Bathing in the large pool is suitable for motor activity, functional rehabilitation and metabolism activation.


A water course with a variable temperature, ranging from 18° to 32°, to be travelled slowly to perform vascular gymnastics with a toning effect, amplified by the presence of side whirlpools.


The various hydromassage stations that activate localised areas of the body and the 32° water allow a beneficial toning and reactivating action of the microcirculation.

Swimming pool

A 33° pool in which you can choose to walk or swim against a jet of water generated on one side of the pool.


The tour ends with the final pampering: the secret is to let yourself relax while listening to underwater music in the warm water at 35°.


Discover the children's policy and spend beautiful moments together with the whole family.
Children over the age of 3 years, under the supervision of a responsible adult, are strictly permitted in the early morning period from 09:00 to 11:00.

Children under the age of 14 are not permitted access to the sauna, steam bath and relaxation area. Children under the age of 18 may only access all SPA services when accompanied by an adult.

Helpful Information

Here is some information to help you make the most of your experience in our beautiful SPA.
Arrival at the SPA

We recommend arriving 15 - 20 minutes before your appointment. Arriving late means reducing the treatment time which in any case will have to end at the scheduled time to allow the next one to be punctual.

Cancellation of a treatment

Each treatment can be canceled by 7pm the previous day. Otherwise the entire sum will be charged.

Towels and bathrobe

We invite hotel guests to access the SPA wearing a swimsuit, bathrobe and slippers.
The SPA provides customers not staying in the Hotel with the SPA Kit with bathrobe and towel. Slippers and caps are available upon request at the SPA reception, while the costume is personal.

How to book?

Contact our SPA to book your wellness moment at the Tombolo Thalasso Resort.
Booking of all SPA services is mandatory, in order to guarantee the best service. To book the treatment we recommend contacting the Talasso SPA reception.

Hotel guests can call directly from the room by calling the no. 365. From outside the number to contact Talasso SPA is +39 0565 745365.
We recommend booking in advance to ensure that the desired time and treatment are available. You can also book an appointment or request further information by contacting us at our email: or by visiting our website:

Reservation is mandatory even after making a purchase from our online shop. We therefore invite you to contact our collaborators by telephone or email.


In this section you will be able to find the offer that suits you best: select your favourite and let yourself be enveloped in the attentions of the Cosmopolitan Hotels Group.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Day spa | Thalasso green

Ever greener with our day spa offers
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Day spa | Talasso & romantic dinner

Magic, caves and candles. You only think about love - we've already taken care of the rest.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Bachelorette party

Come and celebrate with us, spend a day of relaxation and pampering with your best friends. You will find different proposals to go with the thalassotherapy and relaxation route, from cocktails for a toast to dinner.
Tombolo Talasso Resort

Pampering & Relaxation

Sometimes you just have to let go of small emotions to discover the beauty of living in harmony. Let yourself live
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