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The Wellness Centre at the Tombolo Thalasso Resort is a true “Salus Per Aquam” SPA, or health through water.

Seawater is our extraordinary resource, the crystal-clear waters and unspoilt coastline of this area of Tuscany, which has been awarded Europe’s Blue Flag for many years, have contributed to the creation of a unique and precious SPA, which has enabled us to provide wellness and become one of Italy’s centres of excellence in thalassotherapy.


with its variety of mineral salts and trace elements, essential for the human organism, has a strong vitalising, cleansing and antibacterial action.


saturated with negative ions, determines positive reactions on metabolism and respiration, for an anti-stress effect.


are suitable for moisturising and remineralising the skin, for combating adiposity, but also for soothing inflammation and combating skin ageing.


or silts, i.e. the concentration of residues of marine flora and fauna, are used at different temperatures on joints or muscle groups.

All benefits

Thalassotherapy is a unique experience of relaxation and fusion with the sea and its riches. An ancient and effective method of relaxation and healing.


Our Thalassotherapy Path takes place in the breathtaking setting of the caves and consists of 5 pools of seawater heated to different temperatures and captured about 900 metres from the shoreline using modern methods that guarantee its zero-kilometre purity. Our pools, tubs and showers are also enhanced by the colours of chromotherapy, which stimulates natural self-healing processes. Through the natural disposal of toxins, mobilised by the active ingredients of the products, it cleanses and protects the entire organism.


The programme lasts a total of 180 minutes, of which 120 minutes are spent in the baths and the remaining 60 minutes are spent in the Finnish sauna, steam bath (hammam), aromatic showers, relaxation area, new salt wall and herbal tea room. In fine weather, the new sensory path of Mediterranean vegetation and the solarium and refreshment areas of the outdoor pool, with sea water at room temperature, are accessible.
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The Wellness Centre at the Tombolo Thalasso Resort is a true 'Salus Per Aquam' SPA, or health through water.


With its 32° it is designed to perform a myorelaxant and antalgic action in seawater, ideal for an excellent initial preparation for the course. The blowers perform a draining action. Bathing in the large pool is suitable for motor activity, functional rehabilitation and metabolism activation.


Slowly walking along a water path with variable temperature, ranging from 18° to 32°, you perform vascular gymnastics with a toning effect, amplified by the presence of side whirlpools.


With its various hydromassage stations, which activate localised areas of the body, and a constant temperature of 32, it provides a beneficial toning and reactivating action for the microcirculation.


In a pool at 33° you can choose to walk or swim against a jet of water generated on one side of the pool.


The journey ends with the final pampering. Let yourself float in this small grotto and relax while listening to underwater music in the warm water of the 35° pool.


A journey between nature and wellness, a sensory path in a Mediterranean garden that runs alongside the outdoor seawater swimming pool and amplifies the beneficial effects of the Thalassotherapy Caves path.

Steps outside at the end of the thalassotherapy path lead to this green area where it is possible to breathe in the scents of aromatic shrubs and herbs with medicinal properties, while relaxing on comfortable chaise longues.

The green area has been replanted in collaboration with Studio Tecnico 'Territorio e Ambiente', with the plant species identified with a plaque.

Opening Hours & Fees

Thalassotherapy programme in the Caves (120' + Relaxation Area 60')


We recommend booking in advance to ensure that your desired time and treatment is available.
You can book an appointment or request further information by contacting us at, or by phoning 0039 0565 745 365 . Alternatively, you can directly purchase the thalassotherapy course online


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