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In order to meet the needs of every person, Dr. Teresa Sicchetti has devised the 3 Golden Rules of Thalassotherapy: a regenerating journey, aimed at recovering energy and joie de vivre and rebalancing the psycho-physical balance.


Mineral salts rebalance the body's functionality and vitality and contribute to the proper functioning of muscle tone (marine magnesium and calcium), thyroid hormones (iodine) and the immune system (selenium). Their absorption through the skin or mucous membrane reaches the blood vessels by osmosis and balances the body's function and vitality. At the Tombolo Thalasso Resort, all programmes focus on remineralisation.


Why do we age and how to accompany or guide healthy ageing?
The ageing process is a long process of oxidation. Oxidative stress refers to all the alterations that occur in tissues, cells and biological macromolecules when they are exposed to an excess of oxidising agents (unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, drug abuse, stress). This produces metabolic alterations, oxidation and cellular damage. The oxidative balance gives us a reading of how much we are oxidised.

After assessing the person’s oxidative level, our programmes include the reduction of the inflammatory state, the reinforcement and recovery of energy and vitality through personalised antioxidant, detoxifying and chelating interventions and a diet rich in foods containing natural antioxidants, the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

At Tombolo, you can enjoy a cuisine that focuses on healthy eating right from the breakfast buffet, with menus skilfully reworked by our Chef.

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The third phase consists of regaining a good general state through personalised activities in sea water and in the gym, aimed at improving balance, posture and muscle strength. In addition to this Relaxation, Mindfulness, Breathing and Full Immersion techniques.


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Come and celebrate with us, spend a day of relaxation and pampering with your best friends. You will find different proposals to go with the thalassotherapy and relaxation route, from cocktails for a toast to dinner.
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