Let us begin with our beautiful beach.  

Marina di Campo is considered one of the most beautiful resorts on the island of Elba. Its main attraction is the beautiful fine sandy beach, the largest on the island, which stretches for almost 2 km and overlooks a crystal clear sea. In addition to the public beach, there are numerous bathing establishments equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs. 

From Marina di Campo, the island’s most beautiful beaches can also be reached in a few minutes. Galenzana, for example, can be reached in a 30-minute walk. But Cavoli, Secchetto and Fetovaia are also sandy beaches that can be reached quickly from our hotel.  

We would like to remind you that the southern part of the island is characterised by white sandy beaches due to the gradual crumbling of Mount Capanne (of granite origin), while the beaches on the eastern side in the areas of Capoliveri, Cavo, Rio Marina, thanks to the iron-rich subsoil, have slightly darker fine sandy beaches. The beaches on the northern side, in the areas of Marciana, Pomonte, Chiessi, are characterised by the presence of rocks.