Elba’s art and culture are no less impressive than its natural beauty. The island, which is strategically located, was for many centuries a very important port of call for the various peoples that plied the Mediterranean.  

Its history is therefore rich and interesting, and offers the visitor many testimonies of great interest.

Not to be missed:  

  • The Villa San Martino and the Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon’s residences during his exile on the island 
  • The Villa della Linguella and the remains of the Villa delle Grotte, splendid examples of Roman architecture  
  • The Tower of San Giovanni in Campo, built by the Pisans during their rule    
  • Forte San Giacomo in Porto Azzurro, traces of the Spanish settlement    
  • The historic centre of Portoferraio with Forts Stella and Falcone, the Medicean Bastions, commissioned by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I dei Medici as a defence against Turkish attacks    
  • The Elba Aquarium in Marina di Campo, a completely private facility built and run on a small island, which does not use public funds, and which is considered one of the most complete Mediterranean aquariums in existence.