Elba is a land of a thousand treasures, some in the sunlight, others… less so.  

After almost 40 years, its fascinating mines are once again available to the public, an unprecedented and rich side of history, and also of daily life for many years, of this bewitching island. The more than 200 different minerals hidden underground are once again available to visitors who, with the help of expert naturalist guides, will allow everyone to discover the magic of our subsoil. Guaranteed amazement even and above all for the little ones.  

The Capoliveri mines are just a few kilometres from the town along a road with breathtaking views (shuttle bus also available).  

For trekking lovers, there is also the miners’ path, 9 km of underground tunnels with incredible scenery.  

History, magic, culture and dreams. In other words, the essence of the island of Elba.