The green priority for Italian and foreign tourists

The first steps of the Cosmopolitan Hotels Group


Tourism has a major impact on resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The organisation Sustainable Travel International reports that the entire sector is responsible for 8% of global emissions. This percentage includes transport, services, accommodation, food and beverage... There are so many elements at play. This is why, over time and with the growing concern for the planet, more and more hospitality establishments have embarked on a journey to reduce their environmental impact.


What do guests look for?

Having their room spotless on arrival, offering a wide range of services and making their guests relax is no longer enough: people, especially the more conscious ones, want to keep their commitment and good intentions even on holiday, and rightly so.

In's Sustainable Travel Report of April 2022, it was found that in the coming 12 months 71% of respondents intended to pay more attention to sustainability during their travels.

Many sustainability practices and actions are part of our daily lives: first and foremost, recycling, but also turning off standby devices or unnecessary lighting and paying attention to water usage to avoid wasting it.

If a hotel does not maintain these small contributions to environmental protection during a stay, it is not only doing no good to its local area, but also losing its attractiveness and vision for the future.


How can a hotel be sustainable?

We have already said that separate waste collection is one of the first steps when you want to do something extra for the planet. The whole issue of waste management is important, actually.

Facilities can adopt recycling practices, use biodegradable products and reduce the use of single-use plastic. They can also promote a recycling culture among their guests, raising awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability.

Incentivising the use of environmentally friendly means of transport is one way for hotels to participate in change. Almost half of the greenhouse gas emissions from the tourism sector are in fact caused by transport.

Another important role in a path towards sustainability is the conservation of biodiversity through the creation of gardens and green areas. These spaces can be home to local plant and animal species and can also be used to produce sustainable food for use in kitchens.


The Cosmopolitan Hotels Group properties have started their eco-friendly journey

The Cosmopolitan Hotels Group, comprising five hotels in Tuscany and one in Emilia, recently started their green journey. It has been stimulated by a love for all the territories that host its hotels and the desire to dream of a future that is fit for all of us.

The green step is one that cannot be avoided when setting out into the future, and we at the Cosmopolitan Hotels Group know this well.

From the objective of giving something back to nature, which gives so much, was born a mission that the group will tell on its social channels and on the websites of the various structures.

Together it will be possible, together we will give future to us and well-being to the planet.