Let us learn a new concept of hospitality: one that involves greater respect for the land and the planet.

Climate change is an extremely important and urgent. We are experiencing a real emergency and everyone should contribute as much as he or she can to get out of it.

Hospitality facilities can play a major role in this process. According to research published in the journal "Environmental Management" in 2019, their impact can account for up to 10% of the total energy and water consumption in areas that are particularly active in tourism level.

The Cosmopolitan Hotels Group has embarked on a path whose goal is to grow in its own contribution and a sustainable world through direct actions and by increasing its guests' awareness of the true value of the climate crisis and possible remedies. Objective an ideal and future zero impact. Because to achieve great results one must always aim for the maximum-or even more.

The use of solar energy is one of the first solutions we are adopting: using photovoltaic systems allows us to reduce by much emissions, powering important parts such as lighting and air conditioning. We have started here.

We are paying more attention to the use of resources in general, resorting for example to pressure reducers for the faucets and inviting our guests to let us know when they want their linen changes to decrease consumption of water, electricity and detergents.

Along with the battle against the use of plastic (we have a new biodegradable courtesy line) and the choice of products with a kilometer zero kilometer in our kitchens, these are our first steps in the direction of a future, which we believe, must be compulsorily green and sustainable.

Keep following us, we will keep you updated on the Cosmopolitan Hotels Group's green journey! A journey toward "zero impact."